Danville  Comic - Con 2018 Edition; Danville Virginia”s first ever Comic Con
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September  22  2018

Averett University, North Campus

                Grant Center 

Produced By

Soundwave Entertainment

In Partnership With

707 Mt. Cross Rd, Danville Virginia

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Re-imagining the River District in downtown Danville has been a bold first step in turning the city into something great, and with hard work and dedication this movement will expand to encompass all of Danville. We now have another addition to the collective imagination of Danville, in the areas first Comic-Con.   Envisioned by Steven Collins of Soundwave Entertainment it has become a reality. Many people and organizations have seen the potential and excitement of the Comic-Con.   This years event will  bring like minded people of all ages and interests together, as we celebrate our imagination in games, costuming, arts, food, competitions and friendship.  Celebrities, Artists and Vendors are coming from near and far to share in the enthusiasm and creativity of their fans.  Some are local and some from as far away as Los Angeles, California. We look forward to this event growing into something truly spectacular that will not just be known in Danville, but around the world.  So come out on Saturday, Sept. 22nd and join in the excitement. Explore the website to learn about the exciting events coming to Danville! 

 Danville’s First Comic - Con

Off to a great start

In recent years Danville, Virginia has seen the closing of many of it’s historic icons and factories, but from those ashes has risen the growth and potential for the city we are now seeing.  New shopping centers, new businesses, and a city government that cares about the  growth and prosperity of its citizens are making these possible.