Danville  Comic - Con 2018 Edition; Danville Virginia”s first ever Comic Con
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Guest List

-Amiri King- -Ben Bladon- -Bill Diamond- -Daniel Cooksey- -Daniel Logan- -Diemon Dave- -Douglas Tait- -Dusty Horne- -Jeremy Ambler- -Johnny Fairplay- -Josh Turner- -Kaylie Turner- -Land of the Lost (original cast) -Lex Luger- (Limited Hours) -Lisa Marie Varon- (Limited Hours) -Mark Dodson- -Tommy Dreamer- (Limited Hours) -Rob Van Dam- -Scott Lane- -Sgt. Slaughter- -Sonya Thompson- -Tyler Mane- -Famous Vehicles/Props- -General Lee- -Bumblebee- -Mystery Machine- -Ecto-1- -Iron Throne- Game of Thrones -Thanos Throne- -